My Birthday Weekend / 10 Year Anniversary of “the Powerbomb”

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Had a blast in Vegas for my birthday last week. Shout out to everyone who came out and was part of all the crazy shit. And shout out to Marquee Dayclub, XS Nightclub, Wet Republic, Tao Nightclub, and Encore Beach Club for showing love!

Ten years ago last week, my career changed overnight. I fought on my 26th birthday and came away with a knockout victory by POWERBOMB. The rest is history. Since that day, I’ve given my fans everything I got. I want you all to share in my excitement.

Here are a few highlights from my big weekend.

Happy Birthday CHAMP

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There comes a time when even the strongest of men realize just how powerful they really are. That power is not just the physical strength that propels a blow, square to the chin of an opponent. The realization comes when they understand that the impact of their actions is far greater than the impact of a knock out punch perfectly placed on a temple.

In speaking to a class of graduates at a university’s commencement, one of the greater entertainers of our time, Jim Carrey, shared this: “The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is. Because everything you gain in life will rot and fall apart and all that will be left of you is what was in your heart.”

A profound statement that could not ring more true.

As we embark on the future of what is Quinton Rampage Jackson,, Conquest Fighting Championships, Rampage video-game development and an ever-so-promising movie career, we will march on with one goal in mind: Make a positive impact in the lives of everyone we meet and every heart we are fortunate enough to touch. 

The rest will take care of itself. All the success that is on its way will be a byproduct of the character we present. The international MMA icon and movie-star that is Rampage Jackson will shine brighter than ever and all while acknowledging those who will make it possible, the fans and supporters.\

Happy Birthday CHAMP, count every blessing, you already won!