Brock Lesner’s Major Move Before His Long-Anticipated Return

July 9th will be Brock Lesner’s return to the Octagon after being gone since 2011 and he is doing everything he can to come back as strong as ever.

The once heavy-weight champion was just awarded a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitzu. One of Lesner’s goal’s since he started training.

“I’ve been in training. And finally I have reached my goal of becoming a blue belt. Thank you very much,” Lesner said.


Lesner battled with diverticulitis, a disease of the digestive tract, which most say was the cause for his early retirement.

His coach Alistair Overeem is confident he is ready for his upcoming fight against Mark Hunt.

“The UFC didn’t go after him, he went after the UFC. He wants to prove himself that he can do interesting things in MMA and now that he’s healthy. Win fights, win titles. He has that inside of him. He couldn’t perform at his best for years due to his disease. He’s training well now. I’m excited and confident,” Overeem said.

Lesner does not have a black belt, but coach Overeem says to not let that fool you.

“Even if Lesner has a blue belt around his waist, don’t underestimate his skills on the ground”.

Maybe Lesner will put those blue belt skills to the test against Hunt next month, we will see.


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