Jon Jones Had Major Doubt Fighting His Idol Rampage Jackson

Source = MMAFightingonSBN

Jon Jones, one of the best fighters in the world admits he was intimated by Rampage Jackson.

“For some reason he intimidated me. He did, he really did. I don’t know what it was. I think it had something to do with being a young black kid. Rampage is just one of those guys, you know. He’s the guy. He howls with the big old chain. I looked up to him and idolized him,” said Jones.

Although The Interim UFC Champion got nightmares from facing Rampage, he says he’s not intimidated by the howlin warewolf anymore.

“Even though I knew I was a better martial artist, it was almost like a big brother complex. I used to have bad dream of things not going my way against Rampage, but outside of that fight intimidation really isn’t there.. I believe I was made to do this so that really helps,” said Jones.

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