You Won’t Believe Who King Mo Wants Rampage to Fight Next


Source = BellatorMMA

Rampage Jackson sat with reporters after his Friday night win at Bellator 157 and touched base on who his fans want him to fight next. His good friend Tito Ortiz was the number one pick. Rampage told reporters that King Mo was the first to suggest it and in return King Mo would fight Ishii.

“King Mo wants me to fight my boy Tito. He must really not like Tito. King Mo told me if I fight Tito then he’ll fight Ishii. I think that would be a good fight. King Mo vs. Ishii. Cause they both fight the same. Just saying. With all due respect”.

Rampage told reporters he felt uneasy about fighting Ortiz, but that if he was up for it he would give him a good fight.

“Tito, I really didn’t want to fight him then, but it’s my job to fight. If Tito wants to fight then I think we will put on a good show. It would suck to knock my friend out, but I gotta get a knockout. I gotta knock somebody out. So If Tito gets in the cage with me, you know I’ma try to knock him out. It would suck to beat up one of my friends, but if Tito wants to do it, then we can do it. But if not then I ain’t gonna cry. But for some reason King Mo wants me to beat up my own friend.”

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